Our company, Başkent Oto Emniyet Camları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., started production as a sole trader under the name of “Fehmi Sırış Başkent Oto Cam Fabrikası” in 1978 to manufacture laminated automobile glass by Fehmi SIRIŞ, and became a Joint Stock Company in 1986.

In 1992, our company began the process of relocating to its own facilities in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone of Ankara Chamber of Industry and as from 2018, with new investments, it continues its operations for you, our valued customers, in an area of approximately 25,000 m² across 5 buildings.

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Since the day it was founded, our company has adopted innovation as its code word and has worked tirelessly to expand its opportunities. While our company was able to manufacture only laminated glass in its first establishment, it currently serves different sectors such as automotive safety glasses, glasses for architectural and industrial use, curved and flat laminated glasses, curved and flat tempered glasses, curved and flat heat-insulated glasses, heated laminated and tempered glasses, enhanced lead resistant glasses, rail system glasses and ship glasses, and can produce with or without screen printing for all glass types.

Our company provides domestic auto glass renewal sector sales and distribution services in collaboration with Başkent İstanbul Oto Cam Pazarlama A.Ş., a part of the Başkent Oto Cam group with 5 regional offices. Our company, which has insurance contracts with many domestic and foreign capital insurance companies in our country, also provides auto glass replacement services for insurance companies with 150 service points.

With its technology and quality in production, our company exports its products under the CAPITALGLASS trademark to many countries around the world, particularly in Europe and America, and has all of the quality and product certificates required for its products to be sold in foreign markets.


We continue to prioritize quality at every stage of production with our operational method based on the Integrated Management System policy.


Although automotive safety glasses constitute the main product group of Başkent Oto Emniyet Camları San. ve Tic. A.Ş., the production of enhanced lead resistant glasses, heat-insulated glasses, industrial glasses and architectural safety glasses has an important place in the product range of Başkent Oto Cam.

  • Laminated Glasses (Front, side and roof windows for Automobile, Truck, Bus, Construction Equipment, Tractor, Special Vehicle, Train, Metro and Ships)
  • Heated Laminated Glasses (Front and side windows for Automobile, Truck, Bus, Construction Equipment, Tractor, Special Vehicle, Train, Metro and Ships)
  • Tempered Glasses (Front, side, rear, interior and roof windows for Automobile, Truck, Bus, Construction Equipment, Tractor, Special Vehicle, Train, Metro and Ships)
  • Resistance Tempered Glasses (Rear and side windows for Automobile, Bus, Construction Equipment, Tractor, Special Vehicle, Train, Metro and Ship.)

Household Electrical Appliances Glasses, Supermarket Cabinet Glasses, Freezer Glasses, Shower and Bath Cabin Glasses, Heat Panel Glasses, Heat Resistant Glasses, Lighting Glasses, Furniture Glasses etc.

Special heat-insulated glasses used in special conditions with high temperature difference and movement required in many sectors such as Automotive, Cooling, Rail System, Ship, etc.

Our enhanced lead resistant glass production for the automotive industry, architectural projects and defense industry is made with polycarbonate reinforcement in accordance with the standards issued in this field.

We develop glass for a wide range of architectural projects. We manufacture architectural glass in a variety of forms, including glass processing, laminated glasses, tempered glasses, screen-printed glasses, and balcony cladding glasses.



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